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Roman Shades
Beautiful, but not always practical for every room in the house.   

Roman shades are a common go-to to for interior designers.  They add softness and elegance without the bulkiness of drapery, and with the ability to customize these shades with countless fabrics, material snd accents you're almost guaranteed to have a shade unlike any other.  However roman shades often come with an elevated cost, and while they are beautiful and unique, roman shades might not be as functional as you need them to be for many spaces.   Below are a few helpful things to considers from someone who's installed and designed them for years! 

The Good:

  1. Elegant and Stylish: Roman shades offer a clean and sophisticated look that complements various interior design styles. They add a touch of elegance to your windows and can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home.  There are endless options for fabric, material and accents to give you a one-of-a-kind look!

  2. Versatility: Roman shades come in a wide range of fabrics, colors, patterns and pleats allowing you to choose the style that best suits your decor. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, or eclectic look, there's likely a Roman shade to match your taste.

  3. Light Control: Roman shades can provide different levels of light control, depending on the fabric you choose. Sheer or light-filtering fabrics allow soft light to enter the room, while room-darkening or blackout options offer more significant light blockage for better privacy and restful sleep.

  4. An elegance that few others window coverings can offer.  Roman shades are almost always made by an experienced hand, and while that may come with a cost, many consider these shades to be a luxury bespoke to the homeowner. 

The Challenges:

1. Roman shades are almost always expensive.  Most roman shades have to be made by hand, this usually adds a pretty hefty cost, and while there are no limit to the choice of fabrics and material they can be made with; Roman shades can be exceptionally expensive if you have a taste for finer fabrics and woven materials.

2.  Roman shades are not always the most functional or practical.  While pretty, roman shades can be a challenge to use because of their decorative nature.  They are also less resilient to the likes of children and pets.  The dreaded Chito-finger can easily ruin a beautiful fabric. 

3.  The hardware can be visible from inside and out.  Depending on the fabric and finished you select, you may end up seeing some of the hardware built into the shade itself.  The rings and cords use to raise and lower shades are usually very visible with a sheer fabric. 

4.  Roman shades may not be the best option if you want a completely unobstructed view when the shades are raised. The folds will still cover a portion of the window.

5.  Some types of Roman shades might be more prone to collecting dust or pet hair, so consider the material and your cleaning preferences.

6.  If you need to open and close your shades frequently throughout the day, you might find the cordless or motorized options more convenient than the traditional corded ones.

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